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Swift Holdings

Swift Holdings is a conglomeration of companies that specialise in various aspects of the Information Technology sphere.

Each company focuses on a different aspect of IT and was born to solve a real-world IT problem

We take pride in the attention we are able to give each of our customers and therefore provide them with efficient and effective solutions to their IT needs.


Website: www.SwiftSMS.co.za

SwiftSMS provides wireless solutions so that you and your business can keep in touch with your Customers, Employees, Friends and Family - no matter where they are!

Swift Consulting

Website: www.SwiftConsulting.co.za

Swift Consulting is an IT consulting firm with a difference difference !

We do not approach a client with the aim of selling products - we provide a service where we Identify the Requirements from a non-IT point of view and only then do we match the right technology to the company need.

Swift Telecoms

Website: www.SwiftTelecoms.com

We have been specialising in mobilising companies data and ensuring that companies have a holistic solution when it comes to both their mobile workforce and to their mobile customers

We Specialise in dotMobi (.Mobi) website - where we create website that are accessible via the Mobile phone !


Website: www.SwiftGO.co.za

In November 2009 - we have launched a new application that allows users to identify where the traffic congestion points are on the roads

Liron Segev

Website: www.LironSegev.com

Liron Segev is the founder of Swift Holdings - this is his profile site !

The site provides more information about his entrepreneurial achievements and business portfolio

The Techie Guy

Website: thetechieguy.wordpress.com

Liron Segev's blog - where Liron blogs about Techie issues such as IT security, Mobile systems, hardware and software as well as the odd "Ramblings" about what is going on in the world !

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